Marathon Mania!

The third Monday in April is known by many in the U.S. as President’s Day, but in Massachusetts, and especially among Boston area natives, the holiday is better known as “Marathon Monday.”

For some, this early spring day marks the culmination of months of qualifying, training, and sheer determination to finish a 26.6-mile running race up and down the hilly terrain from Hopkinton to Copley Square in Boston. The rest of us trade sideline water tables and running sneaks for mid-day beer drinking and rooftop barbeques, craving much needed sun to tint snow-white skin from months of hibernation. Marathon Monday is the Bostonian’s first excuse to venture outside, hopeful for warm weather after a long New England winter.

If you’re among the many (stats say there are upwards of 500,000) who gather to cheer on the perseverant runners from beyond the sidelines, now is the time to plan where to soak in the day’s festivities.

You can either park your lawn chair and picnic blanket at the wee hours of the morning to be swarmed by a sea of on-lookers, or set up camp at Sel de la Terre where you can watch all the action on Boylston street from expansive floor-to-ceiling windows from the second floor dining room.

Seek shelter from the unpredictable Boston weather in our bar or dining room where we’ll be offering up the delicious deals on our popular bar menu all day long.

We promise you’ll have enough elbow room to enjoy a beer from the tap or a classy cocktail, and be able to cheer them on without spilling a drop.
For reservations call (617) 266-8800 today!

Sel de la Terre Back Bay
Monday, April 19, 2010
774 Boylston Street, Boston


~ by saltnews on April 12, 2010.

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