A case of the Wine Mondays

Wine Mondays have always been a favorite among L’Espalier staff and patrons since the first bottles were cracked around communal tables back in 2002.  It’s no wonder that over the last couple years, when recession buster deals and steals hit an all time high, that the idea is catching on in restaurant dining rooms in cities across the country.

The concept offers a less expensive, less complicated, yet no less delicious version of classic L’Espalier cuisine paired with different wines for each course that reflect a revolving theme.  Guests are sat around large tables where resident wine expert, Erik Johnson, leads lively discussion.  It’s an opportunity for the whole gang to let their hair down and start the week off on what would otherwise be a run of the mill Monday night.

Chef Frank McClelland’s first cookbook, Wine Mondays, is a seasonal journey through his most favorite Wine Monday menus and wine pairings.   Adapting each recipe to fit the freshest ingredients and personal tastes is a necessity in recreating the same feeling at home; and he suggests matching the weight of the food to the weight of your favorite and readily available wines.  There’s no real hard and fast rule here, just tips for enhancing your personal tastes and culinary identity.  That’s why “Have fun,” is the most important sentiment that McClelland emphasizes in this book, and the reason that Wine Mondays has been a playful part of our lives for almost 10 years.

This month, to pay homage to the wine dinners that started it all, we will be hosting two Wine Mondays Cookbook themed dinners.   At Sel de la Terre Back Bay enjoy a four course tasting menu using recipes and pairings from the cookbook, and at Sel de la Terre Natick, a usual Wine Tuesday will revolve around Wine Mondays recipes, as well.

Sunday, March 14th, Chef Louis DiBiccari runs the show at Sel de la Terre Back Bay.  You won’t be bored as he discusses each of the courses and wine pairings with his energetic personality.

Tuesday, March 16th, Chef Daniel Bojourquez of Sel de la Terre Natick Collection takes his turn at Chef McClelland’s recipes as the theme of his weekly Wine Tuesday.

Advanced reservations are required for these events.  Each seat is $38 including dinner and wine pairings for each course, but for just $10 more, get your very own autographed copy of Wine Mondays to bring home!

For reservations:


Sel de la Terre Back Bay: (617) 266-8800

Sel de la Terre Natick Collection: (508) 650-1800


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