The Best Fries in Boston

French fries are offered in most American restaurants, but the perfect french fry is a bit elusive. We know it when we taste it, but what makes a great fry? In The Man Who Ate Everything, food writer Jeffery Steingarten defines the standards for greatness in french fries as “crispness, a golden-brown color, tenderness (instead of toughness), a fine fried flavor, lightness (instead of a soggy interior), and an absence of greasiness—these seem to be cultural universals, like the fear of snakes.”

The pommes frites at Sel de la Terre fulfill these criteria, and more. They are cooked to order and artfully seasoned with rosemary (an herb traditionally associated with remembrance, loyalty, and friendship).

Citysearch recently recognized the fries at Sel de la Terre Back Bay as the Best of Boston. Come in and try them out for yourself! The pommes frites are served with the burger, steak frites (offered on the lunch, dinner, and bar menu), and available a la carte. For the perfect lunch while out holiday gift shopping on Boylston, try the warm goat cheese and arugula salad with a side of pommes frites.


~ by saltnews on December 1, 2009.

One Response to “The Best Fries in Boston”

  1. I concur. The pommes frites are perfectly seasoned and addictive. And sure, the basket is big enough to share, but why?

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