In Vogue: Beer Cocktails

Beer cocktails have been bubbling up around Boston. Beer is quite versatile and can blend well with a variety of flavors, from spicy to sweet. But beyond taste, part of the appeal is taking the artistic license to combine high-brow and low-brow, like wearing heels with jeans. The most traditional of the beer cocktail is probably the Black Velvet—stout beer layered with champagne—but some local innovations are truly tantalizing. Here are highlights from around town not to be missed:

Gina’s Ginger Beer at Franklin Café
Pabst Blue Ribbon, Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and fresh ginger

Shot in a Beer at Eastern Standard
Budweiser and Fernet

Long Day in the Gaarden at Sel de la Terre Natick
Hoegaarden white ale and Belgian framboise (raspberry) lambic

Sake bombs at Peach Farm
They’re the best in town

Belgian Malinois at Sel de la Terre Back Bay
Belgian framboise lambic and champagne; created by Wine Director Erik Johnson and named after his beloved canines

Also, available off the list at SDLT Back Bay is the Manmosa, which consists of Grand Marnier, fresh orange juice, and Hoegaarden; created by cocktail connoisseur and General Manager Ian Grossman.

Beyond Boston, check out these articles on beer cocktail offerings in New York and Philadelphia. All of the above are fabulous to enjoy during a night out on the town, but are also simple (and relatively inexpensive) to recreate at your next at-home soiree!


~ by saltnews on November 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “In Vogue: Beer Cocktails”

  1. Eastern Standard has a whole slew of beer cocktails they can make for you if you ask. They have had a section featuring these concoctions for two seasons (appearing right before the Red Sox season opener).

    And while I cannot vouch for them personally, the Savant Project has several tasty looking beer cocktails on the menu at all times.

  2. […] drinking and dining at Natick’s Craft Beer Dinner This past November Salt News explored beer cocktails—and the gentrification of beer continues on January 27th at Sel de la Terre Natick’s Craft Beer […]

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