Feature: Five Festive Wines for Under Fifty!

From business dinners to family gatherings, the late fall and early winter months bring with them a multitude of occasions for wining and dining. For some insights on beverage selection, Salt News sat down with Sel de la Terre Back Bay sommelier Brian Wang. Brian shared some of his seasonal favorites from the SDLT wine list—delicious juices for $50 or less—so you can enjoy a few bottles without draining your holiday funds.

Muscadet, Branger, “Le Fils des Gras Moutons,” Muscadet Sevre et Maine, $32
Muscadet is often thought of as a summer wine, but this light and lovely white can also work as an aperitif alternative to sparkling. “It’s the lightest wine on the list, and is very crisp,” says Brain.

Rkatsiteli, Westport Rivers, Westport, Massachusetts, $10/$50
The Rkatsiteli is a medium-bodied white produced by local winery Westport Rivers. “Rkatsiteli is the most widely grown grape that you’ve never heard of,” Brian discloses. “It is the fourth most planted grape in the world.” He suggests pairing it with pork—perfect for Sel de la Terre where charcuterie is cherished. Available at SDLT Back Bay only.wri_logo

Chateau d’Aqueria, Tavel, Rhone, $50
During the hectic holiday season, the ability to compromise is an essential virtue—and rosé offers just that. The Tavel is a blend of varietals from southern Rhone resulting in a complex, full rosé that will appeal to both red and white adherents. Brain characterizes it as “bone-dry with zippy acidity.” He declares, “I would drink this throughout the entire meal!”

Pinot Noir, Annabella, “Special Selection,” Carneros, $38
“It’s light-bodied, but not the lightest,” explains Brian. The Annabella features a lot of bright fruit and a bit of spice that results in a very versatile, quaffable wine.

Corvina, Ca’ del Monte, “Classico,” Valpolicella, Italy, $38
This wine is a great value from the Valpolicella region of Italy. The corvina grape is blended with rondinella and molinara, resulting in a wine evocative of dried, dark fruits. Brian suggests pairing this with hearty red meats such as the steak frites, short ribs, or SDLT’s unparalleled burger.

Try out these wines during your next meal with us, and keep some of the more unusual varietals in mind when browsing the shelves of your local wine shop. For more insights on wine and other delicious delights, check out Brian Wang’s blog here!


~ by saltnews on November 16, 2009.

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