Upcoming: If you can’t take the heat…

flamesIf you tune in each week to Food Network’s Iron Chef America or Bravo’s Top Chef, Sous Chef Smackdown at Sel de la Terre is a delicious opportunity to experience culinary competition up close and personal. Enjoy the ringside view of the chefs in SDLT Back Bay’s open kitchen, then devour four courses prepared with love, sweat, and tears by the competitors. Move over, Tom Colicchio…at Sous Chef Smackdown, you pick the winner!

Get in on the action Tuesday November 10, when Rich Morin of Eastern Standard and Mike “Le Berg” Bergin of SDLT Back Bay engage in Battle Offal. Battle Offal follows up Morin’s defeat of Le Berg this past January, so all burners are sure to be set on high.

The competitors:


Background: After spending time in Providence, Rich worked under Chef Frank at L’Espalier Gloucester Street for four years. He has spent time in Japan, Western Massachusetts, Sel de la Terre, and now is the Executive Sous Chef of Eastern Standard.
Height: 6′
Weight: 250lbs.
Signature move: Butter Poaching
“Good luck. I won the first time, I will win again. I just feel bad about crushing dreams.”


Background: School of hard knocks
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 175 in the summer and 180 in the winter
Signature move: I’m a charcuterie enthusiast. So when Battle Offal was declared, naturally I was very excited. I’m fond of taking secondary cuts and usual cuts (liver, brain, tongue) and making them taste exquisite. As cooks we appreciate and utilize all parts of the animal.
“Richard might have won our first battle, but Le Berg does not make the same mistake twice. Hisssssss.”

Call for reservations soon—space is limited! Tuesday November 10, 7 p.m. Four courses for forty-five dollars per person.


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