Insider: The Hottest Seat

Books like Anthony Bourdian’s Kitchen Confidential and Bill Buford’s Heat are selling like hotcakes. Television is saturated with food-related shows from Barefoot Contessa to Top Chef, and the eat local movement is everywhere. Dining culture has evolved significantly in the past decade. More than ever before, contemporary diners are food savvy, engaged with what they eat and how their food is prepared.

The divide between the kitchen and the dining room has dissolved. Today’s diners want in. On his blog Between Meals, SF Chronicle restaurant critic Michael Bauer writes, “When everyone cooked at home, dining out was a way to get out of the kitchen; with more two-income families, the open kitchen gives them a way to get back in.” Several Boston-area restaurants seek to satisfy this craving—Craigie on Main features an open kitchen, and at Sportello guests sit along communal dining counters parallel to the action.

Perhaps the most enticing of the open kitchen dining opportunities around town are the chef’s tables at Sel de la Terre Back Bay. “They are this hidden gem for true foodies,” says Chef de Cuisine Louis DiBiccari. Situated right next to the kitchen, the three high-top tables offer guests a unique insider experience. Here the sights, sounds, and smells of the kitchen enrich the food itself.

For the an evening of epicurean excitement, you can request a chef’s table at SDLT Back Bay when making a reservation or upon arrival at the restaurant.


~ by saltnews on October 8, 2009.

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